Our Interview With Author Simon Wood

Michael Wolf asked each of the authors to share a little bit about themselves, talk a little about the story they contributed to West Coast Crime Wave, and tell us their thoughts about e-books.  Today we talk to Anthony award winning author Simon Wood

Tell us about yourself. 

I’m an engineer by trade, but I’ve also been a racecar driver, a licensed pilot and an occasional private investigator. Over the last ten years, I’ve had over 150 stories and articles published. My short fiction has appeared in a variety of magazines and anthologies, and has garnered me an Anthony Award, two Anthony nominations and a CWA Dagger Award nomination, as well as several readers’ choice awards. I’m a frequent contributor to Writer’s Digest. I’m the author of WORKING STIFFS, ACCIDENTS WAITING TO HAPPEN, PAYING THE PIPER, WE ALL FALL DOWN, TERMINATED and ASKING FOR TROUBLE. I do have a darker side to me.  I write horror fiction under the name Simon Janus.  Under my alternate identity, I’m the author of THE SCRUBS and ROAD RASH. Curious people can learn more athttp://www.simonwood.net

 Tell us what makes your city/location a unique and interesting setting for crime fiction.

My story is a little unusual because it’s story about cops in San Francisco and they see the city a little differently from the general public.  You see the Golden Gate bridge and see an iconic landmark.  A cop sees the same and sees a place for people to commit suicide. 

 Tell us a little bit about the story’s main character.

My “hero” is a young San Francisco cop.  he chasing down a suspect and the suspect sucker punches and strips him of his weapon and shoots him.  Luckily for the cop, he’s wearing a vest, but despite surviving the incident, he feels he lost something and he can’t claim it back until he tracks down the perp to get his service weapon back.

Backpacking through Thailand inspired the story.  They have tourist cops.  It’s a prestigious job and well paid.  Two things that will lose a tourist cop his job—losing his radio and/or service weapon.  A tourist cop will kill first before losing his weapon.  I thought there was a story.

This anthology is an e-book from a new publisher. In general, how do you as an author see the opportunities in publishing changing with the growth of e-books?

I embrace the changes.  It would be churlish of me to think otherwise.  The industry is changing.  The public has voted with both feet.  They like eBooks, so I’m on board.  Personally, I like the flexibility eBooks give me.  I’m not restricted by word count and page count, so I have a venue for short stories, novellas and novels.  The reduced financial risk of producing an eBook means I can play with stories and characters that fall outside conventional norms.   

 Tell us what’s in store for you over the next 6 to 12 months.

My current title is DID NOT FINISH.  It’s the first in a new mystery series set in the world of motor racing.  The follow up, HOT SEAT, will be out next spring.  On November 15th, the paperback edition of my best eBook, THE FALL GUY, was released.  It’s a crime caper about a down-on-his-luck guy who backs into a drug dealer’s Porsche and becomes indebted to the mob.  I also get to play editor for the first time. I’m putting together an eBook anthology called Gravediggers.  It’s about people who flirt with danger and it comes back to bite them.

If you want to read Simon’s short story “Officer Down” you can find it and 17 other great crime fiction shorts in West Coast Crime Wave. You can find West Coast Crime Wave at Amazon and at Barnes & Noble today.